• Product Benefits

    Product Benefits

    Discover a multitude of advantages with the Tersus solution, enhancing not only your
    cleaning process but also your engine's efficiency.

Improved Air Quality

Cleaning charge air coolers removes dust, oil mist, dirt particles and other debris from the air that passes through ensuring cleaner air for the engine's combustion chamber. This reduces emissions, promoting environmental sustainability and complying with emission standards.

Safety Assurance

Dirty charge air coolers can pose safety risks due to reduced cooling efficiency and potential overheating. Our cleaning services prioritize safety, ensuring engines stay within recommended temperature ranges, minimizing the risk of failures and related hazards. Plus, it enhances human safety by avoiding the hassle of transporting coolers to the workshop during cleaning.

Time and Cost Efficiency

In-situ cleaning eliminates the need for dismantling and removing the charge air cooler, saving significant time and labor costs. We offer customers a convenient, cost-effective solution that reduces equipment downtime and expenses.

Enhanced Engine Performance

Regular cleaning of charge air coolers optimizes airflow and heat transfer, improving engine performance, increasing power output, and reducing fuel consumption.

Extends Equipment Lifespan

Effective charge air cooler cleaning removes deposits that hinder heat dissipation and cause overheating. This service helps engines and components last longer, reducing the need for premature replacements.